you don't look chubby you look really beautiful + sexy

thanks cutie!! 

so you see her constantly how do you control your feelings/emotions around her

i wear really cool dark shades when i talk to her to avoid eye contact because yknow ~the eyes are the window to the soul~

i do appreciate the effort great cleavage and killer eyebrows as well

thank you :))) 

why dont you tell her

mehh i honestly dont think she likes me back and i dont wanna make things awkward between us

1 recent selfie

i just took this for you i hope you appreciate the effort

does your crush now shes your crush


58 winkwink

58. description of my best friend:

she’s really dumb, really bitchy, really weird. but very talented, very supportive, very remarkable. i fucking hate her but i can’t live without her. 

also she’s a virgin who can’t drive